Goof ball 🙆

pulubingmaybrace asked: Hi ate nea!! Remember me? Paula Pascual from Canossa! Idol talaga kita waah. Gusto ko lang sabihin sayo na ang ganda mo at idol kita hahaha yun lang po.


Anonymous asked: kayo parin po ba? bakit ganon na po post mo :(

Alin po? No po hindi na kami (if you are referring to Blu)

Well Im off to church a bit. I promised myself I’ll start serving again. It has been a while since I last served Him. I keep on looking for the love that was lost in me [that needs to be filled] in a lot of people. But then I realized that the only person who could fill it up and add more is God. So yes ciao for now!

Uh, few of the boys I have known before is showing a little interest in me. Some admitted their feelings and some is just bothering me. I should be feeling giddy because I never thought that after our break up, guys like that will have the guts to even talk to me. But nah, I’m actually annoyed hahahaha. I reply to some of them and then after my 2 or 3 replies, I’ll sleep hahaha. Sleep is love!!! I think no one at this moment will be able to catch my attention.

Kill my curiosity, yes?

I woke up this morning randomly and told myself that “hey, let me try to smoke a cigarette sometimes” hahahaha. Im good and I’ve never tried one but it’s just that I’ve been meeting my former HS friends from my school and other schools last week and all of them have tried one and some is still continuing to smoke. Im not going to be addicted to it or do it all the time. I just want to try one and see for myself if it’s true that it can relive stress. Hahahaha I think I will try it next semester. Try lang, it wont hurt right?

Goodmorning!!!! :-)

Everyone has the ability to break or hurt someone. But isn’t it beautiful that some people choose not to?

Out of all the persons that you have been with and you loved, there will always be that someone that you wont ever forget.

I wish your thoughts about me wont let you sleep.