Day 2 ✨

Fasyown week day 1! ✨
Violet/Purple color for CTHM students! 😍

I’ve been tagged by @sadhabibi for 20 facts about myself so here goes mine! ✨ if you have been tagged, please do your own 20 facts πŸ’ž
1. Carnation is my favourite flower πŸ’
2. Im a sucker for kids so if you’re tired of baby sitting your younger siblings, give them to me πŸ˜‚
3. I prefer band concerts over parties
4. Im an avid gossip girl fan 😍 come on, who doesn’t love chuck bass?
5. Im adventurous. I can go to other far places by myself. Just tell me what to do and how to get there, I’ll be there in a jiffy.
6. I love interacting and meeting new people. Because that just means I get to hear new stories too!
7. I dont know how to ride a bicycle πŸ˜‚
8. I believe that Island in the sun by Weezer is a very romantic song!
9. I dont get fat no matter what I do 😩
10. I dont watch television much haha. I can survive a month or more without watching tv!
11. Im a mermaid. There is nothing you could do to make me stop believing that I am haha
12. I wear glasses. Yup my eyesight’s not that good.
13. I always listen to the radio. Particularly station 99.5! I love hearing new songs
15. Im weird. Yes, I am not the shy type.
16. My sister @marygecelene is my partner in crime in everything πŸ‘―
17. Im a very emotional person. If I hear a sad story or something good happen, I CRY HAHAHA.
18. I always want to make a difference πŸ‘Έ
19. Im dying to visit Italy 😍
20. Madly, deeply, truly in love with @angelobarretto 😍

(c) Gwen Olis

Pixie Forest ✨ (c) Gwen Olis

(c) Gwen Olis 😍

Behind the shoot at Muntinlupa 😍 thank you Nikki, Kuya Dan, Julian and the other photogs for having Yvanne and I today ✨


A Man’s True Meaning Of Pain

This night is a mess

I really dont know how to start. But this is the first time again I ever felt so confused with my life. I dont know, a lot of thoughts is running in my head and I dont know if Im okay or if Im happy anymore and if the decision I made is worth it or if the decision Im going to make someday will be worth it. Ahh truly confusing!

Sometimes, giving up seems to be the only solution left