Washday Wednesday!! 💝 #ootd (at CTHM Building De La Salle Dasma)




I’d rather study my ass off than worry about someone who doesn’t even care if Im still breathing.

I prefer rainy weather over sunny. Even thought I know it’s kind of a hassle for me because I commute everyday from Calamba to Dasma. I still like it.

I usually get the question, “Ilang years na kayo ni Blu?” ♡ from a lot of people. And they would all get shocked whenever I answer that Blu and I haven’t even reached a month yet as an official couple. And the funny thing is, after answering their question, I get surprised too. Hahaha 😂 Because this man right here never fails to make me feel so loved everyday that it doesn’t feel like months. It feels like we could go on and on and on and on for years 💘 We fight too, a lot 😂 but that wont stop us from making things work for the both of us. So hi baby, babe, honey, fatty, sinta ko 💕 hi! Cheers to 1 month of being together >:*< wag na masyado seloso ha alam mo namang ikaw lang at wala nang iba! Diba diba? I love you. I’ll always be here for you. Wag na pasaway ha! Sino kasi dyan…. 😂 hahaha I love you Enrique (aw kilig yan hahaha) *hugs* more months and years to come @angelobarretto >:*<

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Hay what a confusing and sad morning. I really dont know what’s happening with my relationship with blu but there’s one thing I want to do, I want to make this work. And Im scared. What if all my efforts would go to waste again?

How to deal with sadness like a real lady.

Im sad
But I wont drink
Im sad
But I wont stay at home and just dwell over sadness
Im sad
But I wont cry
Im sad
But I wont cut myself
Im sad
But I wont hurt myself
Im sad
But I wont go out just to drink crappy coffee

Im a real girl and Im going to deal with sadness like a real lady.

Im going to go out today, treat myself with mani pedi.
Im not going to listen to slow songs on my ipod as I travel.
Im going to meet up with my high school friends and have fun!
Im going to pay my bestfriend a visit to talk about what has been happening in our college life.
Im going to go for ice cream instead of coffee.
Im going to my favorite boutiques and make sure I buy something for myself.
Im going to take pictures of every beautiful thing I see.
Im going to call my best gay friend and laugh at everything and everyone!

There’s more to life than just sitting there and stressing yourself too much with sadness ♥

"I was walking away, but she was so beautiful it made me stay." 💖 #ootd (at SM City Calamba, Laguna)


Nip a snapshot ✿ (at Library, De La Salle University Dasmariñas)