Nip a snapshot ✿ (at Library, De La Salle University Dasmariñas)

Despite the really depressing emotion Im feeling right now…. it’s still a Good Evening! :) Hi.


Jeff Hong - “Unhappily ever after”

It’s all so sad and thought provoking until you get to Chicken Little lol

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Im having a hard time.

Im really, really, really doing my best to show my boyfriend that there’s nothing to be worried about because whatever happens, it will always be him.

I do my best to avoid guys, to cut connections with my guy friends that I have know for years, to avoid meeting new guys, to avoid seeing a guy I know personally along the streets and places, to catch a guy’s attention……. and to avoid anything that has do with guys :”(

Kasi natatakot ako. Ayoko din kasi nag aaway kami ang sakit kasi eh. Sino ba namang gugustuhin ang mag kaaway kayo diba :”“”( pero minsan nakakasakal na tapos ang sakit. Kahit onting may mag chat, tweet… mag-iiba na yung kung pano siya mag text sakin. Ah ang sakit lang nung ganun. Pero wala naman akong magagawa kasi ayoko naman mag away kami…. ayoko talaga. Pero kasi pinaninindigan ko naman talaga pag sinabi kong siya lang talaga, siya lang talaga :’( at alam ko naman limitations ko. Pero kahit anong gawin at gagawin ko siguro pag dating sa ganto… wala talaga siyang tiwala. Ang hirap. Gusto ko nalang umiyak.

I hate the sound of an ambulance

It always feels like the clock is ticking too fast. You don’t know whether the person inside can make it or if they are already on the verge of dying. It is really heartbreaking to hear one. That even if Im not the one inside that vehicle, I feel panic and frightened.

You are my ball of sunshine! One of the happiest things that ever happened in my life. Blu the tababoyski! 💕 you make me happy.

I miss you, love!

So my baby’s still at his retreat. Today is the third day and I cant wait to talk to him again! He’ll be home soon yayyy! Cant wait to spend time with him and hear stories about his retreat. It has been 3 days of non stop thinking about him and non stop missing him. Sana mabait na siya pag uwi niya =)) haha I love you Blu!

fashionfreqs asked: Gorgeous blog, hun! Your outfits are so chic and well put together. Keep on stylin!

Aw geez thanks!! :”)

Lazy clothing day!

Hi guys! I really want to start being active again. I miss this place. This safe haven. That whenever I blog my emotions, I feel great afterwards.